I am so impressed with my recent call to  Chewy customer service that I feel compelled to share the experience.  It’s a great example of what good things can transpire when a company’s leadership operates with the philosophy that communications has a role to play in every aspect of the business. 

More so than ever before, communications is so much more than press relations.  It’s about engagement with all audiences in a consistent and authentic way with employees, investors, customers and community.


We have three small dogs at home and I am constantly on the prowl to find long lasting chew treats for them that they all like.  Scrolling Chewy.com’s site on my phone for the elusive snack, true to form, I did not read the fine print about the size of the treats I chose.  Twenty four hours later what arrived were rawhide free chew sticks more appropriate for a Labrador or a Golden Retriever.

What I respect most about Chewy as a company is how easy they are to engage with on any platform.  The experience always feels authentic whether its telephone, email or chat and that “we’re here to help” vibe is felt across all their social media.  It isn’t by accident.  In a recent Inc Magazine article, Sumit Singh, co-founder and CEO of Chewy said, “I love making customers happy,” Cohen says. “When people shop at Chewy, they really understand we care about them, we care about their pets, and they want to tell all their friends and family.”

Chewy sends customers handwritten holiday cards, sketches of their pets, and flowers when their animals pass away. A 24-hour customer service line promises to answer any call within six seconds. And, yes, the customer is always right.


When I explained my mistake, they immediately offered a full refund to my card and then suggested instead of my sending the product back, that I donate it to a pet shelter of my choice in my community.  Huh?

I love this idea that Chewy suggests that I donate to a local shelter.  Being new to New Providence, NJ,   I turned to the New Providence NJ Facebook community page soliciting suggestions from my neighbors.  I thought it was interesting that one of the first comments posted was another Chewy customer who also praised them for being so easy to do business with and that they were impressed that they always suggest local donations versus return of product.

From the suggestions I chose Home For Good in Berkley Heights because their website spoke to me in a clear and direct way. I did not have to dig to clearly understand their service offering, mission and how to volunteer and donate.  Gotta respect clear and compelling story telling and communications.

“Our volunteer base has grown from our eight original members to an astounding 150, and we boast between 75 and 100 active foster families who allow us to continue doing the work we do. And while we now operate out of an office, grooming, and retail space in Berkeley Heights, famous on Springfield Avenue for our signature blue front doors, our unprecedented fostering program remains the cornerstone of our mission.”

In 2010 I opened Have Faith In Your Brand because I saw that traditional large PR agencies were too slow to embrace cause marketing and community relations as a way to build brand engagement and brand advocacy.  I applaud Chewy.com and Home for Good Dog Rescue in both stepping up to help with animal rescue.

And because sharing is caring, for those in the NJ who want to volunteer at Home For Good, click here.