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With so many markets in Asia that are “pay-to-play” it’s tough to really know if your marketing and PR campaigns are making a dent. Today, more than ever, Western brands struggle to connect with existing and new customers in a meaningful way, and building brand loyalty is an even bigger challenge. Have Faith goes beyond traditional PR and marketing to make your brand stand out and grow measurable market share.

Have Faith In Your Brand first opened in Singapore in 2010 and shortly after opened our second office in Beijing. Since its founding, Have Faith has worked with a range of companies—Fortune 100 B2B and B2C, Chinese SOEs (state owned enterprises), start-ups, along with NGOs and social enterprises—to help them develop and implement strategic marketing and communications initiatives that achieve real results.



Faith’s love for Chinese culture began in 1984 when her family took a life changing trip to fulfill her mother’s goal of visiting every country.

After experiencing six weeks in Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, Xinjiang, Xian, Chengdu and Guilin, she felt as though she had come home. She fell in love with China’s history, culture and language. Faith later found later a career she loved just as much, Public Relations, after working with Federal Express, Dow Jones & Company and Fortune 20s in mainland China and Taiwan. Watching China evolve in the 1990’s Faith knew that tech was going to be a massive opportunity and transferred to Silicon Valley where she met her partner Mike. Faith went on to create the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network at the World Expo in Shanghai and it was that experience of developing, pitching and launching DWEN that gave her the inspiration and motivation to start China’s first cause marketing consultancy Have Faith In Your Brand.

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Faith Brewitt


As a 25 year branding and communications veteran, Faith is passionate about helping companies of all sizes appreciate the potential of today’s rapidly growing Chinese middle class. After launching the successful Dell Women Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) in 2010, she opened Have Faith In Your Brand first in Singapore and then in Beijing focusing on corporate citizenship, strategic philanthropy and issues management for multinationals and NGOs. She is best known for helping technology and automotive companies successfully market to women and Golden Boomers. Faith is fluent in Mandarin and has spent the better part of her career on the ground in China.