Jide Technology announced that it is poised to launch the Remix™ ultra-tablet running the Remix® OS into the U.S. market over the course of 2015. The Beijing-based technology company made its American debut at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where cofounder David Ko shared Jide’s backstory and demoed its ultra-tablet the Remix. The Remix ultra-tablet is the evolutionary link between laptop and tablet making it the ultimate productivity device. The Remix boasts an 11.6″ full-HD touchscreen paired with a magnetically connected full-size keyboard cover. Powered by NVidia, the Remix runs Jide’s proprietary Remix OS, which remixes Android into an experience familiar to PC and touchscreen users alike with practically no learning curve to operate. 61c549d120bee299a6a4eeb5c3630db8    4e93ed4a5068b58806ade4ed54c25af0 According to the latest research from Gartner, mobile device shipments have boomed globally at a ratio of 7:1, compared to PCs in 2014. In fact, almost 50% of all devices shipped are running Android, and a vast majority of them are smartphones. The continued growth in mobile devices will motivate more people to want to work using these types of devices. “Mobile is King – but work still needs to be done and while Android may be the dominant OS, it has limitations that can affect productivity, especially on larger devices,” declared Jeremy Chau, Jide’s primary founder, to an audience in Beijing recently. “And most tablets don’t really meet the needs of a working environment, so there is a gap in the market for an affordable tablet that actually boosts productivity.”   Remix OS: The Most Productive Android The centerpiece of Jide’s innovations is Remix OS. Based on Android 4.4.2, Jide started with a simple goal: take Android, an open-source, mobile OS and optimize it for bigger screens while supporting your PC, keyboard and mouse habits for natural data input and content creation. “Android was designed with small screen mobile devices like phones, phablets or small tablets in mind. The thing we’re doing is taking Android and custom engineering it for big screen mobile devices; putting an emphasis on functionality and productivity,” explained Jide’s co-founder and head of software development David Ko at Jide’s CES press conference. Remix OS is designed to give a familiar PC user’s experience wrapped in an Android environment that satisfies all the demands of work, school and life.   The Science and Engineering Behind Remix Most of us born in the 20th Century have formed working habits born of the PC-era; the keyboard and mouse are still ingrained in us. The Remix ultra-tablet was developed with a singular focus – maximize the benefits and capabilities of the Remix OS. Together the Remix ultra-tablet optimizes all the things users are accustomed to doing on a PC from having a taskbar, running multitasking multi-windows, keyboard hot keys to email, browsing and document creation on an Android device. “Android tablets have access to a world of apps, are thin, lightweight and great at power saving. But, most are terrible at getting real work done.  And while laptops are great at productivity, they are too heavy, still power inefficient, and lack touchscreens,” stated Ben Luk, Jide’s third cofounder and head of hardware development. “We believe you can have it all–productivity and mobility. Remix is the result of that vision.” The Remix ultra-tablet offers the power and functionality of a laptop with the simplicity and adaptability of a tablet allowing more efficient and productive computing.  In addition to Millennials, who expect a certain level of usability and performance in their mobile devices, the Remix ultra-tablet is an ideal work device for students and Golden Boomers.  Check out www.jide.com