The evolution of brands continues. Evolved brands are no longer solely built by the company behind them. Evolved brands are also built by the people who interact with them. They have a clear sense of purpose and know how to tell a great story that people will remember. They are brands that excite people by inviting them into experiences – online and off – that matter to their everyday lives. These evolved brands embrace the complexity of our world. They know how to build trust at every point.

In China, the opportunity exists to create the kind of true brand engagement where people don’t just buy the brand, they make the brand a part of their lives. Chinese consumers are eager to engage with overseas brands, but they want it on their terms. In China’s new media ecosystem communicators must tell compelling brand stories well and have their content viewed, heard, shared and echoed.

For overseas brands to want to reach Chinese audiences or Chinese brands who want to stand out with Chinese and overseas crowds, the evolved brand needs to have strikingly creative ideas that come from clear, simple and compelling consumer insights. Leveraging our global know-how and China insights to develop campaigns and plans that have captivating storytelling, HFB delivers insight-driven ideas that have real commercial impact.