A friend of mine in Texas recently referred Jenny McGee to me. Jenny is an American living in Beijing. She is also the founder of the female-focused social enterprise Starfish Project, which gives exploited women the means to earn a living making and selling jewelry. After exchanging emails, Jenny invited me to the Starfish Project work space so I could meet the women who make the jewelry and learn more about their international operations.

I liked what I saw and was inspired enough to share their story here because this is exactly the kind of social enterprise I love to work with…women helping women. Equally important, they have a compelling product offering, they solve a real problem, and they clearly have found a target audience with nearly 7,500 friends on Facebook, 60 retailers and 80 advocates who run home parties selling the jewelry stateside. And they’ve made it past the five year mark.

So far the Project has been able to support 60 women and Jenny and her team of paid staff and volunteers are committed to growing sales and building corporate partnerships so they can afford to help even more women.

Currently, Starfish Project operates branches in 3 Asian cities where rescued women are offered employment and care.But the need is so great and widespread that Starfish is aiming to open 2 new branches this year.

Now I don’t normally make sales pitches on this blog, but as a women who values a “statement necklace” and because it is for a really worthwhile cause I’m making an exception.

So please support Starfish Project by buying your mom/girlfriend/sister or whoever a cool necklace for Valentine’s Day.

Why not? They are calorie free, always fit and go to a good cause – and it’s on sale! #AEWS2015

I’ve purchased three so far…